Alexa, wash my face!

Why is it important to follow good skincare habits at home?

I love to see your beautiful face when you come in for your facial every month. But, your results would be far better if you continued your skincare at home.

So many people are damaging their skin with harsh chemicals and wasting their money on products that just aren’t right for their skin.

I am trained and educated to treat your skin type and concerns. Don’t get sucked in to try something that isn’t right for your skin and your expectations.

I would love the opportunity to go over your skin concerns and help you find the RIGHT products to use for you skin.

I bet you would be surprised to know that you are probably spending more money on the drug store and MLM products that aren’t doing your skin any favors than you would spend on professional skincare. Let me show you how.

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Peace, love, and glowing skin,

Taylor Kirkpatrick, LMT , LE

(903) 920-4788

P.S. Do you know anyone who could use a little skincare TLC? Forward them this message. See you soon!

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