Sharing something very personal

Let’s get to know each other.

“What made you want to become a massage therapist?”

It’s a question I’ve been asked hundreds of times. The answer is very personal to me, but I feel it needs to be shared because it is the answer to much of what I do.

When I was a teenager, I experienced a great loss to someone very close to me.  During my time of grief, I received my very first massage.  I felt cared for and reassured, something very unique coming from a stranger.

From that time on, I wanted to give others the feeling of “cared for and reassured”.  I wanted to make others feel better.  I wanted to share love with other people.

So,  I became a massage therapist.

Fast forward to the present, I have expanded my expertise and now I am a licensed esthetician and lash artist. 

I now have the opportunity to make others feel better in multiple ways. Not only to feel better by having relaxed muscles, but by helping improve skin conditions and increasing self-acceptance. 

My goal in my studio is to provide a safe place for you to look and feel beautiful.  

I want to invite you to my studio to feel cared for, reassured, and comfortable.  

Appointments available by clicking below.

Peace, Love, and Self-love,

Taylor Kirkpatrick, LMT, LE

(903) 920-4788

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